Pastor’s Page



Thanks for your visit to our web site! From the heart of the Pastor of this wonderful church, I offer you a challenge!  DO YOU HAVE A DEFINITE EXPERIENCE WITH GOD?  I do not want to sound condescending. However, I hope you can agree that knowing your relationship with God is THE MOST IMPORTANT MATTER IN LIFE. To have family, health, provision, friends etc. sure is great; but to know JESUS – well that’s the thing – the true answer. I invite you to call me or come to any regular scheduled service at DCA. I will be most happy to share Jesus with you! Welcome to a church group that Loves the Lord, Worships Him, Prays to Him, and Lives for Him. The Bible speaks of the soon coming of Jesus for his bride (the church).  “Like a thief in the night”. Are you looking to Him? Are You READY?
Pastor James King